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Was that a Black Friday Deal?

It was the very first time I wore my new CHANEL bag. I happened to run into a distant relative who I hadn't seen in a few years. The first thing she said, after the "how are you" and "it's been a while," was "was that a Black Friday deal?" as she pointed to my handbag.

In shock, I responded with a restrained "no." I probably should have taken the opportunity to expand on the frame of mind and intent behind the question, but I did not.

More importantly, the incident brought to mind how a person might really believe that a CHANEL Gabrielle or CHANEL Boy bag might be found at a discount on Black Friday. Everyone who is shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday must be sure that the deal you are getting is a deal on the real thing. A real deal is when you are actually getting the authentic product. Otherwise. you may not be getting a deal at all, and instead may be paying a high price for a fake product which can not live up to expections of the authentic.

Take no chances on Black Friday. It is essential to do the research, evaluate the product, consider the seller, and by all means stay with the authentic.