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What is a replica bag?

Replica products are generally fakes of the original designer creations manufactured by rings of criminal organizations consisting of individuals and groups of individuals engaged in counterfeiting and other serious crimes. Replicas are illegal.

Where do replica designer handbags come from?

Replica bags are produced and distributed by and for an illegal marketplace. Anyone participating in the replica trade is committing a crime, knowingly in most cases. The exploitation of popular designer handbags by counterfeiters stem from the desire to generate profits from anyone willing to pay. As long as there are customers who are willing to pay, replicas will continue to be made and sold.

Why should buying a replica be a concern?

The main reason buying a replica matters is that all of the money that is spent on a replica product will likely go to funding not just growing the illegal trade, but funding other crimes, many times of a much more serious nature, such as human trafficking and terrorist cells.

What if I can't afford the authentic designer bag?

Living a good life may include having the purse of your dreams. It can be easily understood that there are many things we want that cost a lot of money. The simple and smartest way to look at it is this. In order to achieve your dreams, it takes learning, work and building a life as a whole, one aspect at a time. Factoring in a new handbag along the way is the icing on the cake. In essence, getting only the authentic is the only option we should consider.